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TUESDAYS HAVE ME LIKE jk opposite in every

Ellen DeGneres (The Ellen Show)

Welcome to my Facebook page! I'm a comedian, an animal lover and a talk show host. Which means I tell jokes about cats to celebrities.
God bless

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I know he's nuts but Kanye's new collection is not half

Jim Carrey

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Wow the new season of #maninthehighcastle looks amazing!
I'm in

Margaret Cho

For new tour dates see: My latest concert film is now airing on Showtime and available on DVD! Please visi
I took these in 2008 after we flooded the streets of NYC to celebrate our new @POTUS. We NYers were and continue to be so proud. Thank
Today is another sad example of wild-eyed degenerates clogging Twitter with baseless accusations unsubstantiated
The outrage on the left about #pissgate reminds me of the outrage on the right the time Michelle Obama wore a sleeveless dress in
For all the Christian Evangelicals who voted for
Disgruntled Bandmates Worried Rivers Cuomo’s Wife Becoming The Fifth Weezer
Obama’s farewell address got
Tokyo Adds 100-Story Toadstool To Skyline
New @netflix special CINCO dir by @jeanniegaffigan NOW streaming WORLDWIDE! Upcoming shows=New
Rated R for "Are we seriously all talking about piss right now?"