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Vicente Fox to Trump: "Quit twitter, start being presidential"
New A federal judge in Seattle has granted a nationwide injunction against Trump's ban


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Albert Einstein's office, just as he left it, taken hours after he died. Princeton, New Jersey, April
Iranian baby gets to enter U.S. for pro-bono heart surgery following halt to immigration ban
When you see #lies..expose them. This is the worst kind of lie.. it shows an arrogant superiority of someone who has gotten away with
'Education is Supposed to Be About Different Opinions': '@ForbesonFox' Panel Slams Berkeley Protests
The U.S. has been downgraded from a ‘full’ to ‘flawed democracy’
The jobs report reminds us that Trump inherited a pretty healthy economy. Thanks Obama:
Our top 10 comments of the week
Drew Barrymore,
Prince Charles says he fears the lessons of WWII have been forgotten
Macron offers refuge in France to U.S. scientists, entrepreneurs
8.8 million people die from #cancer, mostly in low- and middle-income countries
People were nervous about men going topless on the beach in the
State, Homeland Security Departments comply with court order, suspend implementation of Pres. Trump's travel ban
latest from me: internal emails show some Amazon employees trying to force the company to cut ties with Breitbart