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Sanders to Trump supporters: If rigged system favors the wealthy, why are you voting Trump?
Sign of the times: @DarrellIssa has gone from praising Trump to praising Obama in his uphill congressional campaign.
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The KKK gave a de facto endorsement to the Trump campaign on the front page of its newspaper
NEW: State Department says reports that Sec. John Kerry was "involved in shutting down Wikileaks...are simply untrue. Period.”
Perhaps the most dangerous thing Trump has done is enable Dems to run the all-interpretive-dance campaign they've always
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Amid Trump's talk of a "rigged" election, experts say there's no evidence of widespread fraud
Trump on firebombing of office to radio host Mike
Here's your cheat sheet to where the candidates stand on the top 10 issues voters care about.
Spotlighting US ties to Italy, @JohnKerry says "visit any college campus on Friday night and you’ll see a toga party."
Six others come forward to back up People reporter Natasha Stoynoff’s allegation that Trump assaulted her
Just bumped into my friend @SunlenSerfaty & once again we are in the same color! Tv Photobomb
Poll: Clinton leads in enough states to put her over 270 electoral votes
A Pennsylvania mayor resigns after his racist Facebook posts came to light